The Buck and a Quarter Quartet

Photo: Scott Stanger, 2018

So, here's our deal...

We have made it our mission to play forgotten gems and favorites of the golden age of American popular music and vintage-inspired originals. We play them in our own category-defying style, described as "skiffle meets Cole Porter" and "what IS this?", all on strings with additional instruments like C-melody saxophone, clarinet, tuba, bass sax, temple blocks, gong and bell tree.

We've played great venues, events and festivals, including Joe's Pub, Rockwood Music Hall, Pete's Candy Store, Jalopy Theatre, The Cornelia Street Cafe, The Montauk Club, Freddy's Bar and Back Room, Edible New York, Positively 8th Street, the Pennsylvania Jazz Society, Will Friedwald's Clip Joint, Wit's End and the Parkside Lounge, among others.  We have monthly residencies at Red Room at KGB Bar and SISTERS Bklyn, and played Jimmy's No. 43 monthly for 3 years.

 John B. - Photo: Nina Galicheva, 2018.

John B. - Photo: Nina Galicheva, 2018.

You NEVER know who's going to drop into our shows. Frequent guests include Kat Edmonson, Mara Kaye, Bria Skonberg, Jim Fryer, Jim Wildman, Al Street, David Ostwald, Gabe Terracciano, Matt Quinones, Evan Arntzen and Arnt Arntzen. We've also performed with Molly Ryan, Jon-Erik Kellso, Dan Levinson, Stephane Seva, Ehud Asherie, Lucas Ferrari, Fernando Montardit, Conal Fowkes, Cynthia Sayer, Patsy Monteleone, Carole J. Bufford, Cait Jones, Ricky Riccardi, Elise Roth, Katie Martucci, Lauren Sansaricq - Miss Maybell, Sarah L'Abriola, Sean Cronin, Del Robles, Erik McIntyre, Uke Jackson, the Scrub Board Serenaders, Les Chauds Lapins, Megg Farrell and Ryan Weisheit, Bliss Blood & Al Street, and Sweet Soubrette. 

John Bianchi
- reeds, uke, Vocals

John "Dustbowl" Gill - Guitar, vocals
John "SIR Scratchy" Landry - violin, Vocals
Angus Loten - Tenor Banjo, bells, vocals
Ben Mealer - uke, Percussion, Vocals
Brian Nalepka - String bass, tuba, bass saxophone, vocals