The Buck and a Quarter Quartet

The $1.25 Quartet - L to R - Carl Luckert, Angus Loten, John Bianchi, Ben Mealer and John Landry, April 2015.  Photo: Meg Reichardt

This "quartet and a quarter" has made its mission to play forgotten gems - as well as favorites - of the golden age of American popular music - and vintage-inspired originals (we call them "un-originals"), all on strings, with some additional instruments like C-melody saxophone, clarinet, temple blocks and bell tree.

The Buck and a Quarter Quartet has played great venues, events and festivals, including Joe's Pub, Jimmy's No. 43, Red Room at KGB Bar, Edible New York, Positively 8th Street, Club Wit's End, Will Friedwald's Clip Joint, the Parkside Lounge and Otto's Shrunken Head in Manhattan, and Jalopy Theatre and School of Music, SISTERS Bklyn and Freddy's Bar and Back Room in Brooklyn.  


The Buck and a Quarter Quartet at Jimmy's with Carl Luckert on guitar and Erin Lobb on string bass, 2014.

The Buck and a Quarter Quartet at Jimmy's with Carl Luckert on guitar and Erin Lobb on string bass, 2014.

You NEVER know who's going to drop into our shows: we never know, either. Our regular guests include Kat Edmonson, Mara Kaye, Bria Skonberg, Jim Fryer, Jim Wildman, Al Street, David Ostwald, Evan Arntzen and Arnt Arntzen. We've also performed with Jon-Erik Kellso, Dan Levinson, Lucas Ferrari, Fernando Montardit, Conal Fowkes, Cynthia Sayer, Carole J. Bufford, Cait Allen, Ehud Asherie, Sarah L'Abriola, Sean Cronin, Del Robles, Uke Jackson, the Scrub Board Serenaders, Les Chauds Lapins, Megg Farrell and Ryan Weisheit, The Swingaroos, Margaret and the Marigolds, 5 Mile String Band, Bliss Blood & Al Street, and Sweet Soubrette. Playing ukes, we backed Molly Ryan at Joe's Pub and Bria Skonberg at Zeb's.


John Bianchi
- reeds, strings and Vocals

John Landry - violin, Vocals
Angus Loten - Tenor guitar/Banjo, bells
Ben Mealer - uke, Percussion and Vocals
Brian Nalepka - String bass, tuba, bass saxophone and vocals

Lisa Kathryn hokans - Vocals
John Gill - Guitar
Scott Ricketts - Cornet
Adam Brisbin - guitar

Sammy Weissberg - string bass, Guitar
Joanna Sternberg - STring Bass, vocals